Chia is a common name of plant Salvia hispanica. Salvia seeds are called as Chai seed. These plants are native to central & southern Mexico, America and Guatemala. It belongs to family Lamiaceae. Chia seed has no exact word in Nepali. However, it is called as Chia Ko Biu (चीयाको बीउ) in Nepali.

Chia Seed in Nepali = Chia ko Biu (चीयाको बीउ)

chia seed in nepali

Chia Seed are mostly used for reducing excessive weight, curing heart diseases, reducing blood sugar and more. It contains high amount of fibers, carbohydrates, minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, selenium and vitamins like B1, B3.

Chia Ko Biu (चीयाको बीउ) are characterized by oval shape, black color with white spots on seed coat and 2-3 mm in diameter. It is obtained from a flowering mint family plant- Salvia hispanica. Salvia is an annual herbaceous plant with white and pink flowers. Salvia hispanica is commonly known as Chia plant and its’ seeds are called Chia Seed.

chia seed plant
Chia seed in nepali