Mula is the napali word for a vegetable, Radish. मुला or मूली is known as Radish in English or in English Meaning. It is white or brown colored, cylindrical shape vegetable belonging to family Brassicaceae (Cruciferae). Other vegetables of this family includes cabbage, mustard, turnip etc.

Mula (मुला/मूली) in English = Radish

Pronunciation = Mu-laa

mula in english
मुला/मूली image

Radish contains vitamin C, oxalic, malic, malonic, and erythorbic acid. It is grown in almost every parts of Nepal, India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka mostly in summar or hot seasons or even throughout the year.

It is consumed in the form of salad or vegetables. Consuming radish regularly helps in lowering blood sugar, curing diabetes, constipation and digestion related disorders. The bitter taste of it is due to the sulfur containing compound.