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Nepali To English Translation Tool

#1 Best Nepali to English Translation tool. English Nepali Translate tool is the advance translating tool with lots of features. Some features of this tool includes:

  • Copy and paste features: Copy the translated texts or paste the texts in the input box to translate.
  • Translate From Documents: You can directly translate the Nepali documents to English by using the upload button. Allowed extensions .txt, .docx, pdf etc.
  • Download Translated Texts: You can easily download the translated text in the form of documents and .txts file.

Nepali to English Translation With Correct Grammar

नेपाली देखि अंग्रेजी (Nepali To English) with grammar correct translation is the most challanging task. But EnglishNepaliTranslate tool can help you in grammar correct translation. To get the grammar correct output texts, you can follow these steps:

Input small amout of texts to translate at a time. Using 2-3 sentences at once makes easier for the tool to handle along with grammar corrections.

Check Grammar (व्याकरण) of the sentences along with their tenses (काल) before translating it to English.

Check the Spellings and unorganized words before translating. The above practice will help you get the 100% free grammar correct texts.

Most Common Nepali Phrases (नेपाली वाक्यांशहरू)

Neplai phrases (वाक्यांशहरू) and language words are important in daily life activities. These phrases are easy and helps to address the activities in short words. Most common nepali pharases are:

आमा/बुवा (Aama/Buwa: Mother/Father), दिदी/बहिनी (Didi/Bahani: Older Sister/Younger Sister), दाजु/भाई (Daju/Bhai: Older Brother/Younger Brother), नानु/बाबु (Nanu/Babu: Girl Child/Boy Child), म/हामी (Ma/Hami: I/We), जानु (Janu: To go), आउनु (Aunu: To come), खानु (Khannu: To eat), सुत्नु (Sutnu: To Sleep), हिड्नु (Hidnu: To walk)

More Nepali Phrases

नमस्ते (Namaste: Greetings), हजुर (Hajur), कास्तो छ ? (Kasto Cha?: How are you?), धन्यवाद (Dhanyabad: Thank You), खना खन्नु भैयो ? (Khana khannu bhaiyo?: Have you eaten?), माफ गर्नुहोस् (Maaph garnus: Sorry), तपाइको नाम के हो? (Tapaiiko naam ke ho?: What’s your name?), मैले बुझिन (Maile bhujhina: I don’t understand), फेरी भेटौला (Pheri bhetaunla: Hope to meet you again), मेरो नाम रोहित हो (Mero nam Rohit ho: My name is Rohit) etc. Learn more here.

Translation Methods In Nepali Language

There are various methods (विधिहरू) to translate documents and texts from Nepali to English. From traditional to modern software based methods, one can choose according to their ease and expertise. The choosing of methods is also essential according to the type of documents to be translated. Older Nepali documents’ text are primitive and reflects traditional meanings. These types of documents are translated by direct hand based technique to preserve the original meaning without distorting the original emotions in the texts.

Other Nepali translation methods are dependent on person’s self knowledge. One of the easiest way to translate modern Nepali documents to English is by using modern tools like Google translate or English Nepali Translate. The texts and words are easily detected by these tools. These tools can assists in translating douments more efficiently as well as more quickly.

Using modern translating tools, one must re-checke and arrange the translated texts to preserve the original meaning.