फर्सीको मुन्टा in English is called as “Pumpkin Shoots”. The newly soft shoots from pumpkin (a climber) are used for cooking delicious recipes as well as in the form of spinach. It is commonly preferred as vegetable in different parts of world. Farsi ko Munta or Pharsi Ko Munta is the word commonly used among Nepali Culture which has the meaning, (or known as ) Pumpkin Shoots in English.

फर्सीको मुन्टा (Farsi ko Munta/Pharsi Ko Munta) in English = Pumpkin Shoots

farsi ko munta in english
Farsi Ko Munta

The younger leaves are commonly used for vegetable means. Younger shoots containing tendrils, buds, flowers are cooked to make Pumpkin curry or its Spinach. Usually the tendrils are eliminated and others parts of the shoots are preferred.

Pumpkin shoots are green leafy vegetable which contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, potassium and folic acids. It is good for eye sights and increasing vitamins in the body.