Lapsi is a round green in young and turns yellow when riped. It has a seed in its center. It is grown on dicot woody tree, named Choerospondias axillaris. It belongs to family Anacardiaceae. Some common examples of this family includes Mango, Pepper, Poison Oak, Cashew etc. These species are characterized by the presence of resin ducts in the bark.

Lapsi (लप्सी) in English
Lapsi in english

Lapsi or लप्सी is a native species to Nepal and its neighbouring countries. It has high amount of citric acid which makes it citrus in taste. This citrus taste of लप्सी makes it valuable fruit. It is used to make prickles, citrus juice and used for different recepies in Nepali kitchens.

Lapsi (लप्सी) in English = Hug Plum

Lapsi in English is known as hog plum. It’s meaning in english is also a hog plum. It is also called as Nepali hug plum for specially lapsi origianted from Nepal.