Ghiraula is the Nepali name for Sponge Guard. घिरौंला is characterized by soft and cylindrical shape vegetable grown on climbers. Ghiraula or Sponge Guard is grown through out the years where there is moderate temperature of 22-30 degree Celsius. It is cultivated in most parts of Nepal, India, Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and in countries having moderate temperature range.

Ghiraula (घिरौंला) in English Name/Meaning = Sponge Guard

ghiraula in english
Ghiraula in english – Sponge Guard

Sponge guard belongs to family Cucurbitaceae family. Some others vegetables belonging to this family are Cucumber, Water melon, Bitter Melon, Snake Guard, Squash, Muskmelon etc.

Recent studies shows that sponge guard contains carbohydrates, vitamin C, minerals (Mg, Ca, Na, K, Fe, Cu, Zn & Mn) oxalate, phytin phosphorus and phytic acid. It is also widely used in medicines. Alcalase or tryptic protein hydrolysates present in its seeds are found to be effective in treatment of diabetes and hypertension. Also, it’s seeds, leaves and fruits has been used for the treatmenting various diseases such as inflammatory diseases, diarrhea, and viral infection.