Kodo Ko Pitho is a Nepali spoken word for powdered grain Millet. When a Finger Millet is ripped, it is harvested and then the grains are extracted. The millet’s grains are used for different purposes. It is either served in the form of whole grain in different recipes and purposes or in the form of powdered grain, grinded in power mill. This powdered grains is called as Millet Flour or Kodo Ko Pitho in Nepali.

Kodo Ko Pitho (कोदो को पिठो) in English = Millet Flour

kodo ko pitho in english
Kodo Ko Pitho

Kodo Ko Pitho (कोदो को पिठो) is commonly used to make bread (roti). It has higher amount of carbohydrate along with proteins, minerals and vitamins. Due to higher carbohydrate and protein contents, it is a good source of long-term energy in the body. Important minerals include calcium, iron and zinc. It is also enriched in fibers, lipids and high-quality proteins contents.