Sukmel is a seed pods in which seeds are enclosed in a pod. Sukmel (सुकमेल) in English is called as Cardamom. The dried pods are light green in color while the seeds inside the pod are black. It has multipurpose uses. It is used in spices and medicines. It is mostly used for food flavoring and ayurvedic medicines.

It belongs to family Zingiberaceae, commonly called as zinger family. Some common examples of this family include species such as Zinger, Turmeric, Pepper etc. Scientific name of Cardamom is Elettaria cardamomum.

Sukmel (सुकमेल) in English = Cardamom

Sukmel in English
Sukmel (सुकमेल)

Sukmel (सुकमेल) is a Nepali spoken word for Cardamom. Sukmel in English is called Cardamom. It is also called as Green Sukmel due to its greenish pod color.

Some species are also used in home-based disease curing and in manufacturing of health and beauty products.